GHOST and iModBatt will host a workshop on 18 October at Cidetec offices in San Sebastián, Spain. The workshop will discuss on-going activities which focus on reducing the environmental impact of road transportation, and in particular the development of Battery Systems and solutions to improve the energy efficiency of electrified vehicles.

Call for Presentations

GHOST and iModBatt welcome Horizon 2020 projects working on complimentary topics to attend the workshop, present their projects, and participate in a round table discussion. If interested, please submit an abstract of your project (200-300 words) or a specific topic developed in your project and an outline of your 15-minute presentation to

Preferred presentation topics:

  • BMS
  • Cell selection according to use cases
  • Cell, module and battery pack testing
  • Cell, module and battery pack design (electrical, mechanical, thermal)
  • Module & battery pack recycling, second life and/or reuse
  • Battery pack manufacturing processes: assembly and disassembly
  • Light materials for battery pack design
  • Battery pack charging methods
  • In-vehicle battery pack integration and testing
  • Vehicle to grid
  • Exploitation of results

Call for Posters

A poster session will also be organized in order to maximize interaction between projects and foster networking between project participants.  Poster topics can fall into the above-mentioned  categories or any topic related to full or hybrid EVs and energy storage.  If interested, please submit an abstract of your topic (200-300 words) to


The GHOST project aims to design a novel and modular battery system while also developing prototyping, manufacturing, and dismantling techniques for the next generation of lithium-ion battery systems.


The aim of iModBatt is to design and manufacture, with minimum environmental impact, a high energy density modular battery pack flexible enough to be used in automotive and small stationary applications.