Spatial and Temporal Temperature Homogenization in an Automotive Lithium-Ion Pouch Cell Battery Module
Paper presented at ELECTRIMACS 2019, Salerno, Italy, 21st – 23rd May 2019
Author(s): Gepp, Markus; Lorentz, V.R.H.; März, M.; Geffray, F.; Guyon, E.; Chopard, F.

1D-thermal analysis and electro-thermal modeling of prismatic-shape LTO and NMC batteries
Paper presented at VPPC 2019, Hanoi, Vietnam, 14 October 2019
Author(s): Jaguemont, Joris; Sokkeh, Mohsen; Hosen, Sazzad; Jin, Lu; Qiao, Geng;  Kalogiannis, Theodoros; Van Mierlo, Joeri



GHOST-iModBatt Workshop Presentations (October 2019):