An effective thermal management system is necessary for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles particularly for fast charging applications to dissipate the excessive generated heat in the batteries. The liquid-based cooling system is one of the most common cooling solutions for batteries due to the compact structure and high cooling efficiency. In this paper, an experimental study is conducted to analyze the effectiveness of a new flat-tube liquid cooling plate for thermal management of a high-power lithium-ion cell during the fast charging process. The cooling plate is made of Aluminum and it is placed at both sides of the battery. A test bench is developed for performing the experimental tests and the temperature of the cell at different points is measured by five thermocouples. The thermal behavior of the cell is investigated at a high C-rate periodic pulse and fast charging current profiles. The results indicate that the cooling system can keep the battery temperature close to the maximum desired temperature range for Li-ion batteries. Moreover, good temperature uniformity is observed on the battery surface. The results of this study demonstrate that the proposed liquid cooling system is an efficient solution in the design of battery systems for fast charging applications.